Calauit Island

Horseback Riding at the "Horse Valley - Coron"

The "Horse Valley" is just 2,5 km from Coron, a 10 minute tricycle ride. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, your guide "Manong Bombing" will choose one of the 14 different horses that suits you best.

Ride through the bushes and forest at the foot of Mt. Tundalara - the second hightest mountain of Palawan. If you have already got some experience on horseback, try going up the Mt. Tapyas and enjoy the beautiful view over Coron and the islands of Coron Bay.

You could even make it a full day guided tour and go as far as the "Makinit Hot Springs."

Günther, the owner of Horse ValleyGoing up Mt. Tapyas on HorsebackThe Horse Valley is 10 minutes away from Coron