Rates at KokosNuss Resort 2014 / 2015

Please understand that we have very different types of rooms but in limited numbers. If your preferred type of room is already ocupied or if you want to change your rooms after arriving, we will help you to get the most reasonable priced, comfortable and fitting room for you after your arriving or your first night staying.
Room Regular Room
Rates /Double Sharing (2pax)
  Only for direct bookings to www.kokosnuss.info
via email or phone
Type 0 Pesos 2180.-   Pesos 1740.- (you save 440.-per night)
Type 1 Under Construction    
Type 2 Pesos 2480.-   Pesos 1980.- (you save 540.-per night)
Type 3 Pesos 2950.-   Pesos 2360.- (you save 590.-per night)
Type 4 Pesos 3980.- to 4200.-   Pesos 3180.- to 3360.- (you save 800.-per night)

Room We
(50% off for children between 4 and 14)
Type 0 3
New rooms "CAVES": smaller rooms in a “cave-style”, two single beds, fan, TV, nice private bathroom with cold and hot water, private garden area.
Type 1   Under Construction
Type 2 6
Cute small bungalow or room in our garden house with air-conditioning plus fan, marble flooring, one Queen-size bed, basic small private bathroom, hot & cold shower, garden sitting area or private terrace.
Type 3 4
Large Bungalow with one Queen-size bed, every room is individual designed, marble flooring, air-conditioning plus ceiling fan, TV, charming very large bathroom with hot & cold shower, toilet. Extra person is Pesos 400.-/night.
Type 4 5
Our VIP rooms, very special! Designer rooms and family rooms in our new building, probably the best rooms in Coron, in different sizes and designs. All rooms come with marble/granite flooring, private bathroom, solar hot & cold shower, toilet, air-conditioning and ceiling fans, TV. Extra person is Pesos 400.- /night. The  larger rooms can comfortable accommodate singles or doubles but also families up to 7 persons. The right choice for lovers, enjoyer of a good time and big families.

Example for family with 4 persons:
room, good for two = Php 3980.-
2 extra. beds á 400.- = Php   800.-
Total = Php 4780.-

(50% off for children between 4 and 14)

Prices per person

Full board "a la carte" your individual choice.
Breakfast, lunch or lunch packages for your tours, dinner, complimentary coffee or tea

Php 1150.-

Breakfast a la carte (none commissionable
guest pay directly to the restaurant)

Php 110 to 250.-

Our drinks are reasonable and moderate priced.

see our menu or download at www.kokosnuss.info/Menu-PDF.rar