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Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Coron, Palawan - Philippines Top Wreck Diving Destination

Coron is one of the Philippines greatest SCUBA diving locations and truly a pearl of philippine wreck diving! On 24. September 1944 some 120 US Navy bombers caught a Japanese convoy at anchor in Coron Bay, northern Palawan. Some 11 (or more yet undiscovered) World War Two Japanese wrecks, hot volcanic lakes, caves, coral reefs and walls await you.
If you don´t have a SCUBA diving license but you would like to experience the beauty of Palawans underwater world? No problem: You can choose from a variety of PADI programs, like for example the “PADI Open Water Diver”.
Here is a brief description of some of the diving that is available through PADI dive Centres in Coron.

Wreck Diving:

The japanese World War II wrecks are our most popular dive sites, like for example the japanese flying boat tender “Akitsushima”. Wreck divers can make an impressive penetration into the engine room to see the four engines.

The “Irako” is quite intact and because of the good visibility you know you are on a big ship wreck. Penetration represents an advanced dive due to the depth, but the superstructure is interesting, with soft corals and sponges.

The “Morozan Maru” is only in 14m depht which makes this wreck an easy dive for beginners.

Most of the shipwrecks can be reached by dive boat from Coron within 45 minutes. A diving day usually includes two fun dives.

Barracuda Lake:

The scenery around this lake is spectacular and the underwater terrain has been likened to flying over the surface of the moon. You won´t find much marine life inside the lake but there is a good chance for you to meet the lonesome barracuda who claims to be the “king of the lake”. The Lakes of Coron Island have also won the award as the cleanest inland body of water in the Phililppines for several years in a row!