KokosNuss Garden Resort

Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Nature Walks in and around Coron

Mountain treks, river walks and jungle hikes are a great way for you to see the parts of this incredible island that are totally “wild”. We can explain to you the routes that are possible to go on your own, or we can provide you with an experienced guide if needed.

Celebrate your first day with a glorious sunset. A 35 minutes hike to the top of Mt. Tapyas offers a breathtaking view of Coron town and all surrounding islands. Its a 600+ steps  so all you need for this are good shoes and some drinking water.

Its a bit more difficult to climb the 640 meter high Mt. Tundalara (it is the second highest mountain in Palawan). We strongly recommend that you avail of a guide who can bring you and your friends safely to the peak in a comfortable 3 to 4 hours hike.